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Galatians 6:2  'Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.' Sometimes, we have the misguided notion that we do not need each other. Therefore, we can live our lives without the help and interaction of another person. Such a position can be described as being self-sufficient, which is having extreme confidence in one's own resources and power. John Donne, a 17th century English poet wrote, 'No man is an island'. Conclusively, no one is truly self-sufficient, everyone relies on someone else for survival. Firstly and ultimately, our sustainability comes from God. Secondly, we need persons in our lives, in order to grow and thrive. We are interdependent. Not having nurses and doctors; teachers and preachers; sanitation workers and the list goes on, is totally unimaginable. Our verse of focus is instructive-'bear ye one another's burdens'. We ought to look out for each other and give the necessary help. Life is as such, that we can become burdened by one situation or another. Everyone  has burdens. It is not God's plan for us to carry them alone.  God has blessed each one with resources so that we can bless others. May we continue to embrace the willingness to give support and encouragement to others. By so doing, we are fulfilling the law of God.

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