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The Control Room

Prov 4:23 ' Keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life.'

The  word 'heart' as used in the Bible means the mind. We must be very careful how we think and what we think about. Our thoughts direct; control; manage our lives. That is our lives are shaped by our thoughts. Sometimes we ponder why our lives have taken a particular path. It is time to take stock of how we are thinking.

The  mind is the 'master-control'. It determines our actions and our habits.

If the 'master-control' room is poorly wired or is wired to the wrong source, our life decisions will be adversely affected. Therefore, care must be taken in the wiring of our minds. That care must be exercised from birth. Parents have the distinct opportunity, with God's help, to guide their children along the paths of righteousness. So many, too many, of our children have taken, and are taking the wrong paths and have led lives of destruction.

The best wiring system is embedded in the Word of God. When we allow God to wire our minds, our thinking will be strengthened; enhanced and elevated. As a result, we will live healthier and happier lives.

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