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Matthew 5:3 'Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.' The word 'blessed' as used in the Beatitudes means 'happy'. To be 'poor in spirit' does not refer to those who are experiencing a lack of financial resources, but rather it addresses those who are spiritually bankrupt.  In other words, it is when our lives are deprived of the spiritual wealth, richness and abundance that can only be achieved by having a relationship with God. Our need for God in our daily living, is greater than many would want to realize. We cannot exist without Him. The very breath that we use every moment belongs to God. If God did not wake us this morning, then we would cease to exist. God wants us to recognize our state of spiritual bankruptcy and allow Him to fill the void. As we begin to understand and accept the promises of God, our lives are enriched. A powerful change takes place in our attitude towards God and by extension towards those around us. 'The Kingdom of Heaven' is promised to 'the poor in spirit'. This promise informs us that we can experience the joy, peace and goodness of living for Jesus now,  in preparation for living with Him in eternity. God’s promises are sure. Accept them and be spiritually enriched.

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