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Philippians 4:4  "Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice."

The fact that our verse of focus commences and concludes with the word 'rejoice', shows the importance of the need to rejoice. The word rejoice means to be glad, to take delight in, to celebrate, and to jump for joy. When we adopt an attitude of rejoicing, depression and despondency will be defeated. A careful study of the verse points out how and when we ought to rejoice. We must, "rejoice in the Lord alway". These words denote a command, which is,  to jump for joy in the Lord ; to celebrate in the Lord, always, at every time; on every occasion; without exception.

Let us pause for a moment and ponder on this command. Since Jesus bids us to rejoice in Him, He enables us to do so. All the necessary tools (faith, patience, hope and fortitude) for rejoicing are supplied by Him. Utilizing God's tools means that we are leaning on His everlasting arms, where we are safe and secure from all alarms. The alarming, distressing situations of life come in many forms. If there are monetary problems; Jesus is our Financier. When there are family issues; He is our Counselor. Where there is ill-health; Jesus is the Great Physician.

By  rejoicing in the Lord, we encourage others to trust Him. Additionally, we are  demonstrating our faith in God, the Creator of  the  Universe.

Conclusively, wherever the lack is, He is the Great Provider. Jesus wants us to adopt an attitude of rejoicing in Him, as we face life's challenges, remembering that He is our Shepherd and we shall not want, (Psa 23:1)

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