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2 Peter 1:6 "And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness;" Verse 6, which is a continuation  of verse 5, adds three more qualities that are crucial for our spirituality. The first one is temperance. What is temperance? It is the practice of self-restraint or self-control. Temperance helps to bring balance to our lives, not having too much or too little of what is beneficial to the body. In essence, temperance is needed in everything that we undertake. The second quality is patience, which is the ability to remain calm where there is a delay. Having patience also means enduring annoyance or discomfort without complaint or loss of temper. What a tall order! However, reliance on God makes it possible. When all is well, patience is easily demonstrated. The true test comes when we are treated unfairly-such as   breakdowns in our relationships or  unfulfilled promises. Patience reveals our faith in God's timing. The final characteristic is godliness. This quality expresses the genuine desire to please God in all that we say and do. In that regard, with God's help, we seek to reflect to the principles of righteous living. Sin has separated us from God, and as a consequence, our lives have gone haywire (out of control). God is eagerly waiting to restore harmony and order  to our lives. Godliness is of utmost importance, as we endeavour to do God's bidding. Godliness encompasses temperance and patience. As we seek to embrace the attributes listed by the Apostle Peter, we will enjoy the rich, wholesome experiences of Christian living.

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