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2 Cor 5:17 'Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.'

Newness always brings zest, joy, pleasure, and excitement to our lives.  It could be a new car, a new house, a newborn, or even a new job. We can become very elated and excited with such experiences.

However, newness in Christ is incomparable, matchless,  beyond comparison. The newness, which the verse addresses means to have a deep, meaningful, experential relationship with God.

When we are in Christ,  we have a new outlook. The world is viewed through new lenses. We live by a new focus - God's focus.

Our purposes, feelings, desires and understandings  are different.  In essence,  we allow God to lead and direct our lives.

Most significantly, 'the old things are passed away'-our sinful passions and habits. God does not simply clean up our old nature; instead He creates a completely new and unique person.

Only God can change the murder into someone who loves others. Only God can change a pickpocket into a law-abiding citizen. Only God can change an abuser into a  genuinely warm, loving person.

The desired newness in Christ is realized as we submit our lives to Him. He wants to give a new lease on life. Let us come to Him without delay and experience newness in Him.

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