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Luke 7:13-14 13. "And when the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her, and said unto her, Weep not. 14. And he came and touched the bier: and they that bare him stood still. And he said, Young man, I say unto thee, Arise."

Jesus' words to the deeply sorrowful, grieving woman were, "Weep not". Those words were the introduction to what Jesus was about to do in her life and for her deceased son. Perhaps she did not understanding why Jesus would have used such words, knowing that her only son was dead. Sometimes God leads us in a particular direction that may seem senseless and pointless. However, we must always be focused on the fact that God knows the end from the beginning.

Therefore, we must trust Him at every point. Verse 14 reveals Jesus' purpose and intent. Jesus touched the bier, that is the frame on which the coffin laid. As a result, the pallbearers stopped. Jesus knew that the pallbearers had come to the end of their journey.  They had not reached the place of burial, but their services would not be needed anymore. At that decisive moment, in the presence of all the mourners, the Life-giver, Jesus, uttered the commanding, powerful words to the woman's dead son. Jesus said, "Young man, I say unto thee, Arise. 

Sometimes, we can find ourselves in situations, where there is only hopelessness,  despondency and despair. However,  no matter how grave the circumstances may be, Jesus always has a plan to counteract the challenge. A plan, which will restore hope, peace and joy, and will ultimately bring glory to God.

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