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John 4:7 "There cometh a woman of Samaria to draw water: Jesus saith unto her, Give me to drink." Our verse of focus highlights a woman who left her village to get an essential commodity, which is water. When she arrived at the well, Jesus was already there. Jesus is always ahead of us. We follow Him. He does not follow us. It can be imagined that many thoughts must have raced through the woman's mind as she approached the well. One thing is certain, water was on her mind. Jesus, who knew her thoughts, and therefore used the very thing that she was thinking of, to introduce the conversation. He said to her, "Give me to drink." In other words, "Give me some water." Today, as you read this devotion, there are many thoughts that are bombarding your mind. Some of the thoughts may be pleasant, that is, of happiness; of excitement; or of contentment, while others may be unpleasant - of much pain; of fear; or even difficulty. Jesus knows the multiplicity of the thoughts that are racing through your mind. Be assured that whatever your present experience may be, Jesus meets you where you are, and He deals with your specific needs.   Our verse of focus indicates that woman went to the well for water, and she encountered Jesus. It is noteworthy that Jesus did not wait for the woman to express herself. Rather, He engaged her. He initiated the conversation. Today, Jesus wants to engage you. Why? There is a specific need that you have which He wants to satisfy. May you be encouraged that as you hear Jesus' voice, that you will respond accordingly, knowing that He cares for you.

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