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I Will Go ... To My Classmates

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” – Romans 1:16

“Take your religion into your school life, into your boarding house, into all your pursuits.” – Messages to Young People, p. 36

“[Satan] well knows that there is no other class that can do as much good as young men and young women who are consecrated to God. The youth, if right, could sway a mighty influence. Preachers, or laymen advanced in years, cannot have one-half the influence upon the young that the youth, devoted to God, can have upon their associates. They ought to feel that a responsibility rests upon them to do all they can to save their fellow mortals, even at a sacrifice of their pleasure and natural desires. Time, and even means, if required, should be consecrated to God.” – Messages to Young People, p. 204


Are you in school? Do you have classmates, fellow students who are in pursuit of a degree and good education? Do you realize that what you have to offer – the gospel – is of much more value than a degree or any education this world can offer? Do your classmates know that you are a Christian, a Seventh-day Adventist? Or maybe you graduated a long time ago. Do you still have connections or friendships with former classmates?

God is calling you, whether you are a student in a Christian or a public setting, to be a light to your fellow classmates. Whether you interact with them on the phone, online (due to the pandemic) or in person, shine the light of Jesus!

If you are a parent, you are called to help your child in showing them how to love like Jesus, and how to share the gospel.

Will you choose today to become a missionary to the people on your school campus, an ambassador for Jesus to your former/current/future classmates?

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