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God's Word Is Truth

John 17:17 'Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.'

Have you read or heard recently, anything that is truth? The current claim is that there is a great deal of conspiracy theories in the air. Consequently, some people are confused.

Let us briefly examine the word, truth. The Greek word translated ' truth ' is 'aletheia ' which means 'reality'. Truth is reality. Truth is factual. Truth is genuine.

Truth does not change. It is constant. The human response to truth, whether positive or negative cannot change its composition or its effects.

Our verse of focus makes a bold; definitive; authoritative statement-'thy word is truth'.

These powerful words are a part of Jesus' prayer to His Father when He prayed for His disciples.

God’s Word is a representation of Himself, who is infallible. Hence, His word is perfect; unadulterated; and untainted.

John 17;17 also says, 'Sanctify them through thy truth'. To Sanctify is to cleanse; to purify; to set apart. It is only God’s word that can bring about the transformational change that is needed in our lives

Putting God's word into practice sanctifies us because they are true. When we, by faith, apply God's word to our lives, we are empowered to live  harmoniously with His will.

Consequently, our lives are  meaningful, as God has planned.  Living in accordance  with God's plan is preparation  for spending eternity with Him.

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