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God's Greatest Pleasure!

Psalms 149:4 The LORD takes pleasure in His people.

Focus: God delights in you!

God enjoys many things - His Home in Heaven, the adoration of the angels, maintaining His Creation, watching the birds fly, the fish swim, and the animals play. He enjoys His ‘diamonds of light’ (the various suns, moons, and stars). He enjoys the ‘dancing’ of the waves, the music of the wind in the trees, the many shapes of the clouds as they quietly float by, and of course many other things.

Above all these things His greatest delight, His greatest pleasure is you. He planted you in your mother’s womb; just a tiny, tiny, seed. Each moment He watched the ‘parade’ of your development as cells began to multiply and become bone, flesh, tissue, and skin. He watched as organs were formed and your body began to grow. He was thrilled by the first ‘musical performance’ of your tiny body; the first drum-beat (your first heartbeat). He rejoiced at the splendor of your first stretch, your first kick as He watched you floating in the ‘waters of life in your mother’s womb.

At the end of nine months, He was greatly delighted by your second ‘musical performance’, your first cry as He welcomed you His precious child into His world.

Today, GOD wants to REMIND you that He LOVES you. He wants you to know that He gets great pleasure from your efforts to please Him; and when you do not, He takes great pleasure in forgiving you.

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