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Psalm 33:9 “For He spoke and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.”

Isaiah 55:11 “. . . So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void,

But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”

Focus:  The guaranteed fulfillment of God’s powerful Word in your personal daily life.

God wants us to experience and know that He is very loving and dependable.   He longs for us to believe that He is well able to do all that He has promised, by the power of His unchanging Word.  Therefore, He has chosen to express His steadfast reliability in these verses.   At Creation, God spoke, and whatsoever He said, that is exactly what came into being.  God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  This means that His Power remains the same.

When starting a relationship, we usually tell the other person certain things about ourselves.   We do this so that they can get to know us, and feel comfortable with us.  God wants us to know about the perfect performance of His Divine Word.  Whenever He speaks, whatever He speaks, it shall be accomplished just as He said.  God’s Word can never fail, and the fulfillment of His purpose is always guaranteed.  While God is yet speaking even as the words are still coming forth from His mouth, that which is being said is coming to pass.  

God wants us to know and believe all that He has proclaimed, because it surely shall be performed.   He wants to strengthen our faith for the future, by causing us to reflect on the marvellous outcome of His Word in the past.  God also wants to speak into your life, so that His Word can miraculously accomplish His purpose in you, and then through you.  Since God’s Word is holy, it has the power to make you holy.   His Word can also make us perfectly, patient, peaceful, and perceptive.   God’s greatest longing is to see the wonderful performance of His Word in your life moment-by-moment.  He wants you to have this same longing, so that He can demonstrate His almighty power on your behalf.  In this way, many will also have the opportunity to see, know and believe, that He is GOD indeed.

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