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Luke 8:43-44 “ Now a woman, having a flow of blood for twelve years, who had spent all her livelihood on physicians and could not be healed by any,  came from behind and touched the border of His garment.  And immediately her flow of blood stopped.”

Focus: God uses the situations that He allows in our lives to build and strengthen our Faith in Him.

In our verses for today, we are told of a woman who had a particular medical problem.  Her issue was constant bleeding for twelve years.  In addition to her bleeding, this woman would have suffered because of many broken expectations.  Time after time, she would have been disappointed, as she went from doctor to doctor seeking healing from her illness.

These doctors would have given her hope, as they carefully told her how to take a particular medicine, and the results that she would soon experience.  She would have gone home and diligently followed the doctor’s instructions, only to realize that her condition was not changing.   Someone in her village would then recommend another doctor, and off she would go again with high expectations, only to be disappointed once more.

We are further told that she spent all her money trying to find a cure for her sickness.  While the blood was flowing from her body, the money was ‘flowing’ from her bank account.   As she watched her finances being depleted, she knew that soon her visits to the doctor could no longer be possible.   Indeed her ‘failing’ funds were a painful reminder that the doctors had failed to deliver the healing which they had promised.  She must have cried herself to sleep many a night, not knowing what to do, or where to go next, or who to turn to, for a solution.

One day, someone told her that Jesus was in the neighborhood, and He would be able to help her.   By this time she was weak having lost so much blood for all those years.   She thought to herself, I will try one more time.   The Spirit of God influenced her mind to believe that her deliverance from this dreadful situation was just around the corner.   Her spirit was boosted; her feet were Divinely strengthened as she began her journey to find Jesus.

As she walked along, her Faith in Him began to grow, and a plan started to form in her mind.  Wherever Jesus went there were usually lots of people around Him.   She decided that she would try to get to the back of the crowd, and watch carefully for an opportunity to touch the border of His garment.  This woman sincerely believed that in this way, she would receive her healing.  These thoughts gave her great peace and comfort as she got nearer and nearer to her destination.

Finally, she saw Jesus and began to follow along at the back of the crowd.   As she walked, she suddenly glimpsed the hem of His robe, between a multitude of moving feet.  Her moment had come, she must act quickly.  The woman reached out and touched His robe, and she was instantly healed.  The Bible says that her flow of blood stopped immediately.  She was greatly relieved and extremely happy, as she returned to her home.  Jesus had truly rewarded her faith, and He is quite willing to do the same for you.    Just make your request to Him Today. 

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