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Philippians 4:5 "Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand"  The word moderation means our conduct; our behaviour; or the way we interact with each other.  Our moderation should exhibit gentleness, graciousness, selflessness, mercy, tolerance and patience. These are the characteristics that are befitting the Christian. Are we at the stage in our Christian development, where we ought to be? The answer is no. A self-examination may reveal that there are occasions when we may display some of the Christian virtues to some people and at other times, our behaviour falls short of God's expectation. As our verse of focus states, "Let your moderation be known unto all men", which means that our behaviour, our conduct  must be transparent.  People must see that we, as Christians, are genuine persons, who are daily seeking to do God's will. We cannot fake it and expect to make it. The Holy Spirit is more than willing to work with us, to enable us to experience the needed Christian maturity. In return, we must be willing to surrender to Him.  "The Lord is at hand", is the reason given in the verse, why we must possess and showcase Christ-like characters. The Lord's return is a sure promise. He was born; He was crucified; He was resurrected  and He will come again. His second coming is the culmination of the plan of salvation. The exact time of the Lord's return is unknown to all of us. Time is the period between birth and death which is given to everyone.  Some  have been given a short time, while others have a much longer time. What we do with time is a choice that each one must make. Whatever the choice, we are accountable to God for our use of the gift of time.Therefore, it is imperative, that we are always in the state of readiness for Jesus' return. Our conduct, our relationship with God will be our indicators. May we allow the Holy Spirit to get us ready, so we would not be found wanting.

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