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John 4:15 "The woman saith unto him, Sir, give me this water, that I thirst not, neither come hither to draw."

Our verse of focus indicates that the woman's understanding of who Jesus is , had expanded. She no longer dwelt on the natural water; but on the spiritual. Additionally, she acknowledged that she wanted Jesus to give her the living water to quench her thirst. She recognized the void, the emptiness in her life and the fact that, all of her yearnings were not satisfied.  Her thirst was not quenched.

Consequently, she wanted a better life; a fulfilled life; and a satisfied life. With the help of Jesus, she had reached the point of realization and

acceptance, which led to conviction and ultimately transformation. That is the point that all of us must reach. It is noteworthy that Jesus does not force acceptance on us. Instead, He gently leads us along the path, so that we can assess our situation and make valuable decisions.

Each person must come to the awareness that he or she cannot exist without Jesus, who is the Giver and  Sustainer of life. That day, when the woman went to the well, was her opportunity for change; her moment to receive a spiritual turnaround; and her time to receive Jesus as Lord of her life.

Each day, opportunities are made available for us to experience spiritual transformation in our lives. May we not let such opportunities be wasted, but use them so that our living will glorify God.

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